Just a quick message to say thank you for enclosing the extra doofer  in our order !
  It was such a pleasant surprise and we were both very pleased!  So kind of you.
Your parcel arrived a few days ago thank you, but I didn't open it until yesterday.
I’m not sure if you have reviews from your customers on your website?  If you do ..  I would be more than happy to contribute!
 I found  your website very easy to use too !  
Thanks again for your little gift,  it was a very nice gesture. It’s been so nice to have found you and all the other independent traders .. a positive for us out of the lockdown!  
We managed to find the Glass Studio gift makers too ..called Hoyti Toyti  and once again received a lovely personal service !
Will look forward to ordering from you again !
With Best wishes
Jos Reid

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