Frosty Fox

Snoods & Doofers Ideal for all outdoor activities

We've been making Snoods and Doofers for about ten years, based in our small workshop in rural South West Wiltshire, close to Stourhead and not too far from Stonehenge.

Over the years we've expanded our range to include Hugmees, hats and capes, to name a few.

All the products are made by ourselves and only using materials from a variety of UK and European suppliers.

Started by Sarah one cold night with some patterned fleece and a cold neck after an evening looking after horses, the idea seemed obvious, a neck warmer that can be slipped on to keep your neck warm and keep your hair out of the way. These Snoods are ideal when out riding, cycling, walking or any outdoor activity.

Frosty Fox can be seen on the Christmas Market circuit in and around the South West of England and we have also attended sporting events such as horse trials, point to points and motorcycle racing.


This is a real family business with Sarah being joined by daughter Bea and mother Anne who both help with the design, manufacture and packing of the products.

Our Promise

You are in safe hands

Our aim is to make products that work and that provide great satisfaction to all our customers. Whether a birthday present or a necessary purchase for a cold neck, we aim to ensure the highest quality in materials, workmanship and service.

Any complaints - please let us know immediately and we promise we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your Frosty Fox Products.

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